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Tailor made uniforms

About Us

Golden Rope

Golden Rope company specialises in designing custom uniforms for yacht.
Uniforms made to order; colour and size.
High quality fabrics, embroidered detail by hand.


Yachts Luxury

Luxury Perfection

Perfection Precision

Precision Uniqueness

Uniqueness Golden Rope

Dress has elegant piping.
Hand-embroidered belt with string.
Available in various colours
Length to the knees.

Dress with embellishment on the shoulder.
Hand embroidered laces in white.
Buttoned at the back of the castle.
Gently flared from the hips.
The length of the thighs.

Skirt with pockets.
White trim on the hips.
The length to mid-thigh.

Our Realizations

We have designed and made several collections for yacht crew.
Please contact us for more details.


Women T-shirt

Men’s T-Shirt

Men’s Polo

Men / Women Blouse

Men’s  shorts

Men’s Long Sleeve

Men’s Short Sleeve

Women top

Client slide

Baseball cap

Sport Visor